May Topics

May on LeadershipChat

May 29: – Graduation Day (our final scheduled LeadershipChat)

>> Prep post: The Transformational Power of Walking Through the Door (Lisa Petrilli)

>> Prep post: Planting Seeds of Leadership (Steve Woodruff)

Prior chats

May 1 – Competition in Leadership

>> Prep post: The Only Way You Can Really Hurt Me (Lisa Petrilli)

>> Prep post: Competition in Leadership (Steve Woodruff)

May 8 – Leadership Lessons from SOBCon

>> Prep post: Chicago-style Leadership (Steve Woodruff)

May 15 – Leadership: Transitions

>> Prep post: Leadership Transitions and the Excitement of Open Space (Lisa Petrilli)

>> Prep post: LeadershipChat: Transitions (Steve Woodruff)

May 22 – Clarity in Leadership

>> Prep post: Every Leader’s Achilles Heel (Lisa Petrilli)

>> Prep post: The Ultimate Competitive Advantage (Steve Woodruff)